We are delighted to welcome Rodel Amancio, who has an extensive knowledge of PHP, to our permanent team as a Developer. Our team is growing! We have worked with Rodel for many years and are overjoyed to have him on board.

Our team is growing - welcome on board Rodel Amancio

Rodel is bringing over 10 years of experience working within the development industry. With his knowledge of PHP and JavaScript, Genius Computing can push clients further with a lower budget. We can make use of WordPress’ core, and make bespoke themes/plug-ins.

Due to COVID-19, we have had many customers wishing to go digital. We believe that all businesses should have an online presence, regardless of the pandemic. It exposes your business to a much wider audience, who you may not have normally come across. So far this year, we have helped more than 10 businesses get up and running online. Whether this has been building a website from scratch, or improving their current one. Now that our team is growing, we can offer this service to many more of you.

If any of the following statements can be applied to your business, then I assure you we can help:

  • You require a website
  • Currently have a website
  • Need to sell products online
  • You require IT support

We provide many services to clients across the UK, from IT Support, to web design, development and hosting. We also help with migrating e-mail from cheap providers to the likes of Office 365 and G Suite.

If your business needs help with website development, or any other IT services mentioned (or not mentioned) then get in touch with us. Even if we have not mentioned a service you require, let us know what it is and if we cannot help directly, we are sure to know which direction to point you in.

We like to ensure that our clients receive the best service possible, especially with our office 365 email migration service. If you choose our team to migrate your e-mails from your current provider, we will ensure a very smooth process. We have carried this process out countless times for clients over the years and have the process perfected.

We recommend Office 365 as it is an extremely powerful and secure e-mail provider. It also gives you a huge amount of tools for administration and monitoring. The license pricing starts from £3.00 per user. Depending on which license you choose, it will include optional Office Software. You can find more information on the pricing here.

Email Migration Service

With this service, we audit your current environment and then give you an estimated time to complete. You can then choose your preferred migration date and we will work to your dates. All of your mail is migrated from your old provider, so you need not worry about mail going missing. You will also not lose any mail whilst your e-mails are being migrated to the new service, with a seamless switchover to Office 365.

Once your e-mails have been migrated, we will also support all of your users remotely to help them get all of their devices connected to their new mail service.

If you would like to here more about how we can help you with our Office 365 Email Migration Service or have any questions about the service at all, then do not hesitate to get in touch.