Caterpillar is a fantastic business psycohology company which helps other businesses by tailoring, designing and managing numerous development and assessment programmes.

Designing an idea from scratch

Caterpillar came to us without any previous website, an old out of date logo, and no idea on what sort of website they could possibly have. We ran through possible ideas, different types of websites that competitors were using, and gave our opinion on the best website style that we think would fit the business.

We were then given free reign to build this idea up from scratch, and we believe we hit the nail on the head first time! We believe the website looks smart, clean, and concise whilst giving all of the information that a customer would need if visiting the website.

Mobile Responsive
Mobile Responsive

As we do with all of our customers, we run the designs through a very stringent design process to ensure that it runs on all shapes and sizes of devices, especially the more common mobile devices. This ensures that no matter who, or how someone is viewing your website, it always looks great. WIth an ever growing number of internet users working and searching on the move, it is absolutely essential that your website is mobile responsive and easy to use.

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