Website Design & Development – Case Study Page!

Sean Hood

Last month we shared a blog post for Website Design & Development. As we said in that post, we were in the process of running through bespoke website development creations for a couple of clients. We have now completed those websites and have created case study pages for you to see! If you’d like to take a look at our latest work, you can find it here: Our Work

The Real Lesvos team came to us back in January with a set of designs that they had drafted up by another designer. We worked alongside the other designer to turn their set of print-ready designs into website compatible designs. This project has been a fun one for the Genius Computing team, and we have lots more planned for these guys. Below is a snippet of how their website turned out:

Website Design & Development

The Caterpillar team have not had a website up until now, and decided that they would like to have an online presence. We designed this one from scratch in house and needless to say the client loves the work that has been produced. Here is an example of some of the mobile responsive content:

Website Design & Development

We like to ensure that our clients can have total trust in our team to deliver great results. Not only do we do our utmost to achieve those results, but we work with the client to maintain these results on an ongoing basis. If you or your company are looking for Website Design & Development services, then give us a shout!