Many of my customers come to us with WordPress websites that have been set up on a budget. The developer has not had a second thought about making sure it is secure and well-maintained. If this website is going to be the face of your business, it needs protection. It should also be maintained to prevent attacks or potential downtime.

As with all decisions in a business, the cost has to be worth the potential risk; but if your clients are going to come to you via your website, then securing, updating, and maintaining your website needs to be a top priority.

We help many businesses host and maintain their WordPress websites, local and national. We host a variety of business from cleaning, to funeral services, to PAT Testing.

Not only do we host and maintain the website, but we monitor it pro-actively to spot any issues. This helps to reduce any downtime and keep your website in tip top shape.

When it comes to WordPress, usually the websites have a range of plug-ins installed. Not only do you have to keep the website updated, but the plug-ins too. If you let any of them go out of date, then your website is at risk of being hacked.

If you would like to find out how we can help you with this, then get in touch!