Genius Computing provide PPC marketing services for Funeral Directors and various other industries over the industries. After reading this post, you will have more understanding about what PPC marketing is. You will be able to spot a company that is setting unrealistic expectations when offering your business PPC marketing services.

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, and it is exactly what it says on the tin! Whether you are getting PPC services for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Bing, or any other site, you are not paying for a sale of a product or service but simply a click from a potential customer directed towards your content. PPC Marketing is a great way to get an immediate increase in traffic to your content, which over time you can mould to be more cost effective, more relevant to the customer, and drive potential sales for your business.

PPC Marketing - Pay Per Click

Can PPC Marketing for Funeral Directors get me instant sales?

One of the most common misconceptions about PPC marketing is that you are guaranteed to see an immediate increase in sales. This is a sales line that a lot of untrustworthy marketing companies will say to grab your attention and get you to sign on the dotted line without any proof of return on investment. These companies charge a fortune to initially set up with a large monthly fee, and the reason for this is that they know that they don’t produce the results of their sales pitch which is just smoke and mirrors, therefore they have to make their money from you ASAP.

There is certainly no guarantee with any PPC marketing that you will get instant / immediate sales. The only guarantee is that you will be getting an increase in traffic to your content. If you are looking for PPC services and a company is trying to charge a large chunk upfront, then you should be wary. Companies that offer a smaller set up fee, and a reasonable monthly maintenance fee are likely to be looking to maintain a long relationship with you. This means that the company is more likely to be spending time each month making relevant changes to your accounts to ensure a constant increase in efficiency of your spend and keeping ahead of your competition.

Is PPC marketing for Funeral Directors right for me?

PPC marketing is right for anyone that is running a business that has a digital presence. In your business plan you should have allocated an annual marketing budget. There are many ways that you can use this budget: adverts on the radio, newspaper, flyering, PPC etc! With the ever increasing usage Google searching, we would always recommend spending a proportion of your budget on PPC marketing. If you are hiring a PPC company, ensure you are happy with the reporting of results they will give you.

PPC marketing for Funeral Directors is challenging compared to some other industries. When the time comes to require your services, a family will normally contact one of you that they already know. I strongly believe that the younger generations are pushing away from using services just because a family member has before. They are more likely to carry out a google search to find someone local to them. A company that offers a reasonably priced service, and is available at their fingertips via their mobile device / computer.

Google Adwords - PPC

How can Genius Computing help?

Genius Computing are able to get you up and running with your PPC marketing for a monthly maintenance charge. This charge covers the initial set up, and ongoing monitoring/maintenance. For those of you who already have a web developer, we can work with them to ensure the best results. Otherwise, we can help with any changes that you may require. We have a great company at hand that focuses solely on Funeral Directors,

If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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Due to modern technology, it has become relatively pain-free to support you for your IT support requirements remotely. This not only saves time due to having an instant remote connection with a support agent, but it also means that you can be anywhere in the world to receive support.

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For local businesses, we provide on-site support for any issues that cannot be resolved remotely.

Not only do we provide IT Support in Newcastle, but we also provide many other digital services such as website design, development, hosting and maintenance. You can see some of the work we have been a part of on our portfolio page

We have partnered with many great services such as Carbonite for backup services. We also have Digital Ocean for website hosting services, Cloud Market for your licensing requirements, and Bitdefender for your security. Due to these partnerships, we are able to provide a high class set of services at an extremely reasonable rate.

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In terms of website development and hosting, we provide a range of options for all types of clients and budgets. We handle very simple WordPress sites all the way up to fully custom websites built to specification. There are no size projects that we are not capable of handling. If you have a project, get in touch and send us your brief so we can help you implement it.

We’re here to help, whatever your requirements. As you will see from our testimonials, we are able to cater for all types and sizes of businesses. We will always have a smile on our face knowing we are making your work life easier!

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